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 About The Proprietor

Company Philosophy

Mr. Hoonjan (Meharsinghji), the founder, is an ex-ICIM ( then ICL ) employee.

The Company came into existence in 1962. We started by manufacturing furniture for card punching   
machine. It was setup in Bhawani Peth.

Around 1970s, Pune witnessed several engineering companies setting up their plants here, such as TELCO and Mahindra & Mahindra. We started catering to the needs of this growing market by supplying furniture as well as shop-floor equipment etc.

We have been supplying to several Government & semi-Government agencies for both the Central as well as the State Government.

We are regular, registered and approved suppliers for agencies such as Maharashtra State Small 
Industries' Development Corporation (MSSIDC), CWE, several Defence establishments like Military Engineering Services (MES), etc.

 Services : 

  We seldom require to service our own furniture. 
However, in case of a theft  or an accident, we service or repair our own products.

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 About the Proprietor :

Mr. Hoonjan Meharsinghji ( the founder )

 A visionary person :

 He completed his engineering in 1942 & joined ICIM.

 Worked there in Computer HARDWARE till 1955 & after he left,  
 started taking projects of construction, electrical, road 
 building, etc.

 Later he entered furniture business in1962.

 Mr. Harbhajan Singh, his son, has also got 20 years' experience.
 He looks after the business currently.

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 Company Philosophy :

Customer Service & Ethics constitutes the Company's Philosophy.
Goodwill - People don't remember how soon you do a job but they remember what quality job you do !

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